About Palo Arte Woodworks

Palo Arte Woodworks is a woodworking studio where we present our woodworking skills from generations to generations to local and international audience.

Because of our experience, we specialize in many aspects of the woodworking.

Cabinet making, handmade furniture pieces with traditional dove-tail joinery, woodturning and traditional wood finishing.

Our cabinets are made with solid woods and American made wood plywoods. The drawer boxes are also solid wood and joined with dovetail joinery, which extends the longevity of the drawers while they are in constant use in the kitchen. There are so many specialty items that can be accommodated in the modern era cabinetmaking that we can’t speak about all of them at once, but here are some of our works for you to know what’s available.


You may learn more about our products by contacting us on our contact page or give us a call at 818-339-3314